We have some exciting news to share with you. It relates to many post-50th reunion comments we received from both attendees and others expressing a strong desire to gather again soon.

As Jack Langlois fought his terminal cancer with great dignity and courage, his wife of 40 years, Hsin-i (pronounced “Shinny”), was constantly by his side. They had an apartment on the East Side where they lived before Jack entered the hospital. Several 1960 classmates met her during those difficult days and found her a lovely, shy, private person who was extremely touched by the respect, concern and love shown by Jack’s friends in personal visits, phone calls, and sending cards, letters and photos.

After our brave comrade and her beloved husband passed away last August, Hsin-i contacted her sister-in-law, Jeanne Langlois Kull(wife of the late Tom Kull, class of 61), to discuss how she could show her appreciation, remember what a special man Jack was, and honor his close relationships with Class of ’60 friends. She offered $5,000 to support another gathering of Jack’s friends to celebrate his and their lives.

Paul and Ken got together last summer and discussed a possible replay, on a more modest scale, in the next several years and Hsin-i’s magnanimous offer will allow us to move ahead sooner than later. We surveyed some classmates and arrived at enough agreement to propose holding a reunion this fall on October 21, 22, and 23 in New Smyrna Beach, FL.

That attractive community was a likely venue because Ken is adding to a comfortable beachfront home he owns there. The town earns many accolades for its beautiful beaches and delightfully funky atmosphere. Look for a link on our WWW that will soon give further information on the event along with photos of the venue.

There’s a spacious house next to Ken’s (5 bedrooms, 6 baths-- site of his son’s wedding that held 90 people for a catered dinner) that can be rented for the occasion, other available houses, and a number of hotels/motels within a mile. The location and accommodations will give us ample space and time to catch up, enjoy each other’s company, and toast Jack’s memory.

October is a usually a spectacular month in Florida. It’s warm, but cooler and less humid than the summer. Downside? It’s the tail end of hurricane season but, as Wildcats, we must say-damn the torpedoes.

Hsin-i’s donation will cover transportation costs for classmates who might need assistance and for other event expenses--rent for the houses, food, beverages, etc. Anyone needing financial aid to attend, please contact Ken via e-mail- KEMLKC@CFL.RR.COM or phone (B) 386-424-1635, (H) 386-426-6185. Such requests will be confidential-kept strictly between you and Ken.

Hsin-i, Jeanne Langlois and Jeanne’s daughter, Kathleen, who attended our 50th, will be invited to join us. We have also discussed the possibility of creating a speaker’s program in Jack’s memory at Wheatley, perhaps in Asian studies, and we can discuss that option and others in the coming months and when we gather next fall.

The committee planning the event now includes Elaine Abrams, Lucy Mullman, Charlie Zimmerman, John Moncure, and the two of us. Anyone wanting to participate, please e-mail Ken.

We’re asking for an expression of your interest relatively soon, preferably by the end of January. Your commitment won’t be etched in stone should conflicts preclude you from attending in October, but the sooner we can start getting an estimate of numbers, the better we’ll be able to make and communicate plans.

This is also an opportune time to update our Chit Chat page on our WWW. Please let us know what’s happening in your life. Your classmates truly enjoy reading about your thoughts and doings.

Most agree our 50th class reunion was something special. Why not? We’re a uniquely close-knit class and this event could provide more lifetime memories. We hope you’ll be able to join us, but we hope to hear from you in any case.

Veritatem Quaerite,

Paul Hennessy
Ken Martin