The below Pics are:

Jones Beach 1959. Mary Jayne, Marty Corbett, Lynn Hausserman, Sandy Byrne, Margot Shotter, Pat Birckhead

Jones Beach May 2010 during 50th class reunion weekend. Pat, Mary Jane, Margot, Lucy,Marty and Sally

The below pics are various slumber parties.

LM, Susan Rappaport, Lynn Hausman, Ann Paster,
Suan Holtzweis, Carol Hibbet, Janet Scadden, Bev Buhrow, Ann paster, Joanne Festa
Pat Birckhead and Marty Corbett

Below photo:

Pat Birckhead, Sally Campbell, and Marty Corbett

Below-Senior Prom-Ferde and Mel with dates.

Below Photo-30th Reunion, Ken Martin, Paul Hennessy, Bob Merritt, and Ferde Carillo

Below are "The Four Mugs" created by Dr. Wills Singing at Senior Class Dinner

Ken Martin, Jim Ianotti, Don Richtberg, and Bob Michel

In early June of 1960 four Wheatleyites took a few days off of school and went camping. They drove in Dixie Howell's old Mercury stopped in Washington DC and then proceeded to the Skyline Drive and then into the mountains of West Virginia. They were "Bulldog" Drummond, class of 61, Gary Zebrowski, George "Dixie"Howell and Ken Martin. The below pics are from that trip.

The two photos below were taken at Wheatley football games. Note 1st picture of a touchdown ready to be scored by Wildcat. In the second photo, in the center are John Moncure and Jack Langlois.

The below photo is of Helen Kritzler, David Eastman and Alan Gordan in 1975