The Zimmermans tried to kill us by overfeeding. It nearly worked.

Dixie and Ken

Another winery.

The good Charlie Zimmerman.

Cheryle Martin, who along with Mary Ellen Zimmerman, are the only spouses to have

attended both the 50th and all three mini reunions. Cheryle, at times, is a true Wildcat....

Lots of "do you remembers" and lots of laughs.

Bob Hope moment-thanks for the memories!

Lucy-Captain of the cheerleaders, Dixie-captain of the football team.

Hey young lovers wherever you are.


Wildcat Football Team-1959

Wildcat Football Team 2013

BTW-It took us roughly 25 seconds to stand up straight, and the noise of our creaking

bones drowned out the music from the band.

The late Coach Jack Davis. There were a number of times during the weekend that we

raised and clicked our glasses in memory of him. He cast an incredibly long shadow under which fruit continues to blossom.

The editor, a former educator, recently read the following: "One repays a teacher badly if one only remains a pupil."

After terrorizing many wineries out East, we had a terrific dinner Saturday evening at a little neighborhood restaurant

that is a favorite of the Zimmermans. Charlie surprised us by ordering two giant bowls of mussles-one for Paul

Hennessy and the other for the rest of us.

And the dessert said it all.

Night caps were enjoyed in the East Wind's bar. Many sentimental journeys.

Charlie and Paul Hennessy (a frquent traveler to Eastern LI) suggested we take the ferry home. It

sails from Port Jefferson to Bridgeport, CT. It was a scenic ride, and I would recommend it to

anyone who needs to travel to New England or upstate New York and wants to avoid the agony of the L I E.

Now hear this-Captain Moncure on the deck of the ferry

On Sunday morning, before boarding the ferry, Cheryle and I strolled through Port Jefferson in search of a cup of coffee. It is a quaint town.

The night before, at the bar,we were reminiscing about the times we had there as teenagers when we did not know what the word quaint meant

and cared less about that angle as we partied our youth away. We remembered one time, over 50 long years ago,when a bunch of us went there and ran jubilantly down

the sand hills you see in the above background. Included in that bunch was Bulldog Drummond, Tommy Kull, and Chuck Shaffer all

true linchpins of the class of 1961 and all who passed over way too soon. So it goes. So it went.