And the feast continues. You would think that all we did the entire weekend was talk, eat, and drink. And, yes, you were right-that is all we did.


Saturday morning Charlie had booked a small tour boat so that we could see the Lowlands from the water. And we did and wow!

Zeke and Dixie

This was our Captain and once again we found evidence of such a small world as he asked, "Where you folks from?" We told him, and he replied, "My wife is from Long Island." And we said where(?) and he said Roslyn and we said that is right close by so he called his wife who told him her older brother graduatred from Wheatley, class of 1964. Yep-small world. BTW-Captain 4th generation of sea-faring kin from St Simons.

That afternoon back to Charlies for lunch...followed by tennis match.


There had been much build up to the tennis tournament. The defending Wheatly Mini Reunion Tennis champs were Toni and Ed Pachtman, who won the innaugural tournament in Florida four years ago. And they clearly were the team to beat. The Pachtmans are a fine tuned, tennis machine who sailed through the competition. They won with style and grace and they might as well have been wearing Yankee pin stripes they were so talented.

The team of Moncure and Hennessy finished a very distant 2nd (Age?)

But the real surprise was the team of Stewart and Martin-the Black Knights. Being hastily formed, they entered the tournament as decided underdogs. But their verve, tenacity, cunning, and deftness quickly captured the hearts of the gallery. In fact, after the tournament, as they strolled through various St Simon haunts, they were followed by adoring groupies (actually too young for the sophisticated Stewart and Martin...although...) The Black Knight's spirited play will long be remembered by their many fans in St. Simons.

Saturday evening dinner in a fabulous place known by Charlie. Great ambience and outstanding fare.



Sunday afternoon, the last of the cast ventured to a restaurant in Brunswick where there was driftwood and

the girls fed

alligators and

Toni rode the bull, I mean wild boar!

Last call.

This is the view from Bick's balcony of the King and Prince Hotel. Bick and his wife sayed there as well as Dixie and Lucy and Ken and Cheryle. St Simons-right nice place to spend some time.

This travelogue began with emails from attendees before the event, and it is only fitting to end it with emails from them after they returned home. It was a special time-warm and poignant sprinkled with much laughter and reminiscing- reinforcing special bonds created over 55 years ago.

From Ed Pachtman: Toni and I would like to thank Charlie and Mary-Ellen for their above and beyond hospitality. The weekend was just fantastic! It was really great seeing all of you again. It was almost like we never left high school except the recent aches and pains. Ed Pachtman

From Ken Martin: Last night I went to a Halloween party with neighbors and friends. The number of people there was close to what we had a week before in a restaurant on St Simons. The event was nice enough, as parties go, but there was no comparison to what the gathering of alumni from TWS class of ’60 meant to me. You see last night there was not the warmth and camaraderie and love that we shared at Charlie's mini reunion.

I can say that I have not laughed as hard as I did a week ago in many years. Being shoved in the back of Bick’s Yukon and then driving with old rock and roll playing and the banter between Bick, Dixie, and our dates was priceless. At one time we had to slow down because there was a vehicle in front of us discharging this bug killing grey cloud. Bick actually had to put on his wipers and then uttered the best line for me of the weekend-“At least no mosquito is going to live in my throat.” Throw in Dixie’s one-liners (barely audible because he was laughing so hard) that I became virtually apoplectic. Laughing and howling like it was 1959.

All of my grandparents came over on the boat. The closest of them was my grandmother on my mother’s side. She arrived in America at the age of 12 not knowing a word of English. Back in our late 20’s, Cheryle and I visited the Island from California. My grandmother at that time was renting a room from a family about two blocks from Nassau Community Hospital in Mineola. I went to visit her, guilt laden because I had not called or written her as much as I felt I should have. I apologized to her. She was sitting, yes, in a rocking chair, and said this: “Kenute (Swedish for Kenneth) do not ever worry about me-I can spend the rest of my life with my memories.” Ah, the wisdom of grandmothers. You see you can’t kill memories. They live forever and on that count St Simons was a smashing success in that we relived and recalled old memories, and equally as important, made new ones. We are, indeed, paddling on Golden Pond, and how I like my boat mates. How blessed we are, and until we meet again….

From Lucy Mullman: Ken I did not go to any Halloween party but I have been thinking about our magical time at St Simons island at the home of Zimmie and Mary Ellen. The pull that our group has on some of us is amazing. We laughed, we dined, we played-I must add that my tennis was marred by a little tachacardia which I learned later- I know it is an excuse but one I'll use anyway. Being aware of time, made our feelings for one another more palpable. Your Swedish grandmother was as wise as was my father who once told me that you must take life by storm as he did. As he was dying, he told me how much he loved us and what a good life he had had. Memories-how very precious they are... Lucy

From Bick Keister: Ya'll's remarks were lovely. I wish I had that gift, but I'll have to be satisfied with my shtick and the fact that I was not arrested that night. May we have many more good times together. Bick

From Ray Roller: My wife and would like to thank you and your wife for the hospitality that you showed to us and "our girls" -Ed note: The Rollers brought their two well behaved dogs with them We were sorry that we had to leave on Saturday morning but after 6 months away I was anxious to get home. You have a beautiful house and would hope that you enjoy living in the south as much as we do. This reunion, with many of our classmates, reminded me how much I enjoyed my high school years. I would hope that these meetings are continued and we will do our best to get to them.

From Dixie and Lucy: We cannot thank you both enough for your continued hospitality and generosity. You both made the weekend a pleasure by offering a place for the gang to get together again. While I am sorry to be extolling such a fun weekend in the light of such very sad news of Phil's death, it must go without saying how much we all appreciate you both and how much fun we all had together. BTW, your home is beautiful. Dixie and Lucy

From Dixie Howell: Hello everyone, Sorry to hear of Phil Gaynor's passing, especially coming on the heels of our getting together. Life and death just go on without asking for our permission. I hope Phil was able to die peacefully. Our getting together was very extra ordinary as in the past. I appreciated spending time with each of you and everyone whose email I don't have - especially the laughs and good friendship. Very special for me. and I'm sure you. Thank you Charlie and Mary Ellen and Martino for making it come to be. Lucy and I left on Monday. Monday morning was rainy. I was sitting at a table for breakfast looking out at the outdoor tables at the hotel, empty, with the rain coming down and the umbrellas all wrapped up tight. It was touching, somehow, with all of you gone away. Just a nice hotel - but no guts or heart or friends. I hope we can all get together again when the time is right. Love and best wishes, take good care of yourselves, Dixie

From Bick Keister: Also back home safely at 8:00 PM after an 8 hour drive generally at 80 MPH. Betsy and I had a great time with the nucleus of graduates who attended. Charlie and Mary Ellen were (and always are) so generous with their time and resources. I know the original attempt by unknown parties to adjust the seating at last night's dinner party from two separate tables to one was awkward at first, but it ended up very special. All of us could converse across one table, especially when instructed to do so by the power brokers of you, Paul, Charlie and Martino sitting at the "nub" added to the square table! Everybody stay healthy and keep your fingers crossed for an event next year. Cheers, Bick and Betsy

From John Moncure: Folks-Home S&S around 6:00PM-Wonderful to see you all and special thanks to Mary Ellen (and to a lesser extent Charlie) for putting up with us and putting us up. We are who we are, in large part, because of each other. Thanks to all. Monk-(Paul's lesser partner)

So another mini reunion competed and, as the hour glass continues its mission, there is a strong possibility that we shall gather again in the fall of 2016 in the Berkshires. Stay tuned.