Like our 50th reunion, this gathering will be a work in progress that all classmates are welcome to have a hand in. The more the merrier. At the same time, there are not as many logistical and administrative challenges as we had for the 50th. Our email list, after much work by many, is pretty much up to speed, although we continue to have some MIA's.

This can be an incredibly warm and memorable event. We have already heard from some classmates that they are glad to have another opportunity to participate as they were not able to attend the 50th. And for so many of us that were at the 50th-we left the event pleased and yet unsatisfied-how many people we didn't speak to, how many questions not made, how many stories not told, etc. The forthcoming reunion will be geared toward communication. There will be plenty of time to visit. We will not have the constraints of a hotel lobby or a country club for that matter. No one will tell us to leave. The venue enables us to be quite free.

Dress will be casual throughout.

For those classmates flying in, try to arrive at Daytona Beach Airport. It is a small and vey convenient facility and at this time both US Air and Delta fly into it. And it is but 30 minutes to the compound. For those who can't use Daytona Beach Airport, Orlando International is 90 minutes to the compund.

An initial plan, subject to much future modification, is looking like this:

Friday-arrive, check in, Happy Hour, light snacks, dinner at various restaurants.

Saturday morn-Walk/run for those who want to around the dunes, Continental Breakfast at compound, John Moncure Bloody Marys.

Saturday Afteroon-Volleyball game, other activities,

Saturday Evening-catered dinner at compound followed by Soc Hop.

Sunday morn-continental breakfast, adieus.