Our mini reunion was held October 22nd through October 26th on St Simons Island, GA. Charlie and Mary Ellen Zimmerman were the very gracious hosts.

There were many emails back and forth from those who were to attend. I thought the class would like to read some of them. They depicted the excitement about the event and ultimately shed light on some of the incredible warm camaraderie that prevailed. Thus:

From Eileen Murphy:

Oct 16: Making progress but still not ready for a long trip. I'm so sorry to have to miss this reunion. But I know Norm would worry and I don't want him to not enjoy it. Always something it seems like! Send pictures. Would love to be there vicariously! (Ed note-Eileen and Norm were scheduled to attend but unfortunately Eileen fell prior to the get-together and did not feel up to making the trip. BTW-Paul Mann also could not make it due to a minor illness.)

From Ray Roller:

Oct 13: looking forward to seeing you on the 23rd. Getting cold here in the mountains.

From Gary Zebrowski:

Martino and all, Can't wait to see you all. We are all close to 3/4 century of life - incredible! Can't wait to share the Treasured Memories of our past time together and build more Treasured Memories in GA. Don't forget you CPAP device. Many thanks to Charlie! Zeke

From John Moncure:

My body is 3/4 of a century-my mind is still around 18 or so. I'll give you a few snaps, Zeke-if I can get my new L knee to bend that far. Best-Monk

Zeke replies:

Hey Monk,

Had my left done in 2001! Great thing.

From Carl Stewart:

Ken--- I'll be spending a few days hanging out in Savannah and then renting a car to drive to St Simons I don't have Charlie's address or telephone number but I assume that you do? Hope you are well. I am looking forward to seeing my friends from a long time ago

Peace Carl

To which Ken Martin replied:

Lets Go Mets. For Bucky’s sake and memory. And for that matter, Charlie’s as well-he has season tickets. (Ed note: The World Series, with the Mets in it,was to be played shortly after our mini-reunion).

To which Carl replied:

Ken--- I'm so pleased that you thought of Bucky in connection with the Mets. He was one of the most fervent fans ever. I do regret that he is missing this great season that they are having. But perhaps he isn't really missing it..just watching in another dimension. It was never dull to watch sports with Bucky. He cursed, he drank, he threw things. The guy did not experience life sitting in a rocking chair. Boy, I really miss him. But we had many excellent times together and those are memories I'll keep. See you next week. Carl

Lucy Mullman wrote:

Dear Ken and Cheryle, I am so excited to be seeing you both-- as is Dixie. We are a strange lot; still together after all these years. I am not sure what the glue is that holds us so dear to each other, but it is so for so many of us. I have never understood the idea that our class was so special but rather we grew up in idyllic times in an idyllic setting with not too many worries. But something has held us close; I don't have to figure it out-- it just is. Those of us who seek out these get-togethers have big hearts!!

I am assuming that you are staying at the hotel, which probably would be more comfortable and private than staying at Charlie's. What are your thoughts? We have been well and spending several weekends in the South and North forks. I love Summer! Hope you both are superb; I still go WOW! when I think of your house and that view. Love, Lucy



The back of Charlie's home.

The front-note Met's banner.

St Simons is a beautiful place and if you have never been there it is highly recommended you put it on your bucket list.

St Simons is in The Lowlands, a splendid combination of marsh, swamp, and grasses that are found mainly along the coast of Georgia and South Carolina. The above picture was taken from Charlie's back yard.

Wherever you go through the island you will find Spanish Moss evoking a true old South feeling. You can hear a feint whisper of Faulkner as you walk through the woods.

Let the party begin!

Dixie, Lucy, and Cheryle Martin

Zeke's wife, Mary Joan on left with Charlie's wife Mary Ellen


Ray Roller and wife.

Best buddies!

Following pics of incredible dinner put on by the Zimmerman's.



Bob Merritt paid a quick visit as he and his wife were heading for a christening of new grasndchild in North Carolina.




Dixie and Lucy re-met at the first mini reunion we had in Florida. I have followed them since, breaking bread and drinking wine and sharing laughter on many occasions. I consider them the stars of the grandest love story I have ever witnessed. How fortunate for my wife and I to have been a part of it-Ken Martin.



Outstanding meal by Chef Charlie!

Carl Stewart

John Moncure

Bick Keister and Paul Hennessy