The view looking eastward from the Wheatley 2011 "Compound."

The "Compound" consists of 5 houses with a total of 12 bedrooms between them. Virtually all bedrooms are quite private with many bathrooms available. There are two swimming pools . The below photo is of the large home next to Ken's that will be the site of our Saturday dinner.

The beach in front of the compound. Notice the dunes and width. It will also be the site of

the 2011 Wheatley Volleyball Challenge tournament between Northside and I U

Willet's Alumni.

The ocean immediately in front of the compound.

New Smyrna Beach is an art enclave. As such, the town has a real funky atmosphere to it. The major thoroughfare beachside is Flagler Avenue, which is 1.2 miles from the Compound . There are numerous shops, restaurants, bars, etc., along Flagler Avenue. The following pictures can give you a feel for the town. West Coast Wildcats think a mini Laguna Beach or perhaps San Clemente. Incidentally, the first photo is of a restaurant on the beach where Paul and Ken ate at this past August and they actually discussed a future reunion before our 55th.

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