Above, Sandy Byrne, Christmas 1959

Below pics are from a past reunion (30th?), a slumber party at end of 8th grade,

Pat Birckhead Suarez and Peter Blank at Senior Prom and above that John Moncure in football attire.




The below photos are of Marty Corbett, Pat Birckhead, Paul Hennessy, and John Moncure at Jones Beach during the 40th class reunion.


From left to right-Chuck Schaffer, Class of 61, Ken Martin, Class of 60, Howard Schaffer, Class of 58 and

their wives. The photo was taken at a wedding in Atlanta, circa 1997.

Below-Chuck and Ken-for old times sake!

The below pictures were submitted by John Moncure and they are again from

the celebration of Wheatley's 50th annivesary



Lucy Mullman-Prom Night



Junior Prom-Matt S and Arlene B???