There is a theatre production that pops up now and again, mainly in the hinterlands of this country, which does all 37 of Shakespeare's plays in a bit over 2 hours.  Now obviously this does not suffice for everyone but there is something to be said for getting your Shakespeare out of the way in one evening.  But I do recommend having the martini before the production rather than after.


What was the point of mentioning this?   Because I am going to do a similar bit with my bio.   Although I have more than once been accused of logorrhea, you won't find it here.  Most importantly, I'll avoid mentioning any dead white philosophers or Gnostic charlatans who have been the beacons of wisdom in my life.  And no musings about my fond memories of my years at The Wheatley School.  It was fine enough but I am not prepared to say that it materially changed my life, so as Jack Webb said:  "Just the facts, ma'am."


 Here we go;  Carl Stewart in hopefully in 3 or fewer paragraphs:


Graduated from UCLA in January 1965, the extra semester the result of my taking a detour to attend for a year the now-defunct film school at CUNY.   Back to New York to work for the City in what was known in those benighted days as the Welfare Department.   Married Margaret Adler (Wheatley Class of 1962) at the end of that summer and then back to UCLA for a year of graduate work in history.  


Returned to NYC, Columbia Law School, graduated in 1969.  Two daughters by then, Rachel and Kimberly, now 43 and 40.  Worked as a trial lawyer for the Department of Justice in New York from law school until 1977;   formed small litigation firm with classmate at Columbia who was also in the Justice Department.   Left lawyering, New York City and a dangerously obsessive relationship in 1987.  (By then marriage to Margaret Adler and also one succeeding marriage had ended.)


Moved to Great Barrington in the Berkshires to try enterpreneurship.  Founder and  owner of Vacanze in Italia, renting vacation homes in Italy and elsewhere in Europe.  Married again shortly thereafter, two children, Ian, now 17 and about to leave for University of Colorado, Boulder, and Lily, 15, who speaks to me only when she is not riding or showing her beloved horse, Timon, which is quite rarely.   That marriage now also history.   Oh, should mention my four granddaughters, ages 7 to 11.


A series of unnatural disasters, principally  9/11 and  the collapse of the dollar vis-a-vis the euro,  together with a tiny bit of hubris, nearly undid Vacanze in Italia although it still limps along.   Started substitute teaching at Mt. Everett Regional High School in  Sheffield, MA., two years ago, and just today began my stint as Assistant Coach of their tennis team.   Doing a bit of dabbling in the law again and still renting the occasional house in Italy, France, the U.K., Spain and Greece.   


Living in a 200-year old historic farmhouse in a little hamlet, Alford, just north of Great Barrington.   When the wind blows hard enough, the house sways and creaks, but it has oodles of character and a wonderful old hand-pegged barn that stores way more detritus than the Collyer brothers ever dreamed of.   It also has a wonderful clay tennis court.


Now you know way more about me than you need or want to.  


Oh, by the way, if I slighted any one of you in any way during the period between 1956-1960 (or earlier or later, for that matter), I am prepared to apologize.  Let me know at: