Dear Friends,

I had such a wonderful time at the Reunion that my only regret is the so very inopportune demise of my car's timing belt late Friday night which required me to scramble to find a rental car on Saturday and thus truncated my time with all of you to only a few hours on Saturday evening.

As I was driving home to the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts late Saturday, I had lots of time to reflect on why I was smiling during that long, boring drive home.

I think that there are essentially two reasons why we all seemed to feel so good on Saturday. The first, and the decidedly more positive one, is that there is something about the shared experience of our fairly small Class of 1960 that still holds meaning for us so many years down the road. I'm not sure why we have this bond but it must be some combination of the specialness of both the school and an inchoate chemistry among us.

Then, I think there is the fact that our meeting allowed us to suspend the passage of time, if only for a pretty brief moment. Without exception we are noticeably lumpier, grayer, less agile, etc., than we were 50 years ago, but for a short time we could pretend that the present was an illusion and the past was reality. It is a conceit, of course, but a nice one. I've come to terms with the inescapable fact that my remaining time on the planet is so much less than the time I've already spent here but I am still amazed at my continuing ability to feel joy and love as intensely now as in my youth.

I look forward to our next can not come too soon.