Our 50th class reunion was held on May 14, 15 and 16, 2010. Fifty classmates attended and they brought along another 24 guests. From virtually all comments received, the event was a memorable one. The below links will bring you to photos of the reunion. The weekend really commenced on Thursday when an advance party of committee members arrived on the Island. Many met at Charlie Zimmerman's lovely home near Smithtown. Charlie hosted a light luncheon.

After Charlies many of us proceeded to the La Quinta in Garden City, the hotel chosen as reunion headquarters. The La Quinta venue became a perfect setting for us as they had a morning brunch, coffee 24 hours a day, cocktails in the evening and a large room with many tables that enabled so many of us to visit with one another. On Thursday evening we ventured to J P Mcgeevers Pub for dinner and drinks. Mcgeevers is owned and run by Paul Hennessy's brother-in-law.

Friday morning 5 committee members-Lucy Mullman, Pat Birckhead, John Moncure, Paul Hennessy and Ken Martin met classmate Joanne Festa at The Wheatley School. There the principal, the extremely capable Dr. Sean Feeney, had gathered approximately 25 seniors from Wheatley along with some teachers and staff members, including the Superintendent of Schools. We proceeded to have a panel discussion. Students asked questions of us and we of them. The school then provided a lovely lunch. Dr. Feeney also surprised us by having two teachers from our day in the classroom. They were Mrs. Isabelle Aurebach ( a very healthy, energetic 90 years of age) and Mr. Laurence Levin. The discussion and interaction with the students was outstanding, and members of both the classes of 1960 and 2010 walked away enriched.

Friday evening the reunion officially kicked off with a Happy Hour at La Quinta. At approximately 7:30 many classmates drove to Williston Park and ate at various restaurants and pubs around Hilderbrandts on Hillside Avenue.

On Saturday morning at 11:00 approximately 20 classmates and guests went to The Wheatley School where we were again met by the principal, Dr. Sean Feeney, with his three lovely children in tow. He then led us on a fascinating tour of the school and answered many and all questions we raised.

Following the tour, Charlie Zimmerman set up a tailgate party for us next to the Wheatley outdoor basketball courts. Charlie cooked hot dogs and hamburgers, some classmates played basketball and tennis, and Elaine Kent served delicious homemade cookies. It was another opportunity to visit with one another.

Beginning at 6:00 PM everyone assembled at the Wheatley Hills Golf Course where we proceeded to enjoy the signature event of the weekend-a no host cocktail hour, an elegant buffet, an open mike for classmates to share thoughts of Wheatley and our past, and dancing to some oldies. It was indeed an enchanting evening, and one not to be forgotten by those who were there.

Thursday Activities
Class Visitation
Friday Happy Hour
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Tour of Wheatley
Tailgate Party
Festivities at Wheatley Hills GC
Festivities at Wheatley Hills GC Part 2
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