James Turco

How did I get from Long Island to Lititz you want to know?


First of all--- 




"Worry looks around, sorry looks back, and faith looks up" I guess at 68 it's more than likely the latter that is questioned!


I’m still working part time 5 days a week at a private school--love it. We always have someone visiting with 6 daughters and 15 grand kids. Got to keep working to buy presents. Health is fine (maybe not mentally but never was). Try to say hello to past friends now and then if I have their e-mails. Hi Naomi and Richie. Think of Wheatly school a lot and feel sometimes I left a bad impression?


I was originally married to Phyllis Rosanski and we lived out in East Setauket L.I.  We had 3 beautiful daughter together.  My business was located in Old Westbury, which was a 50 mile trip on the L. I. E. and a 2 hr creep every morning.  I did this for 5 years and one morning on the way into work as I was creeping along and counting the dead animals along side the road--a thought came to me that there must be a better way to spend ones life than sitting on a road for an average of 1 month a year.


I sold my house and business and we moved down to a little town in Pa.  Lancaster Pa back in 1970 was and still is to some extent a Norman Rockwell type town.  Amish farming abounds and a simple way of life meets the psyche with a kiss.  I opened a rental yard, which I ran for 20 years.  After we were settled in a few years my wife Phyllis felt she needed space to grow and to find herself so we divorced. I retained custody of my girls and remarried within a year to my present wife who also was divorced and had 3 girls the same ages as my 3 girls.  So 36 years ago 3 and 3 became 6 and life blessed us with multiple old age stories and memories.

In 1991 we sold my business and my wife's yarn and needlecraft shop and house. 


We decided since all the girls were on their own, and we had that empty nest syndrome going on in our lives, that we would move to Fla.  That we did and loved it for a while.  We lived in Sarasota and enjoyed life until we realized that our girls back north were having families of their own growing and we were missing that.  Yearly visits were not enough to fill the void that was growing in our lives.  My job I had was exciting and our days and nights were good until Renee started to lose her sight.  She found out she had a genetic eye disease that medically could not be helped.  She reeducated herself to adapt to her lot in life.  She excelled in braille and cane mobility as well as cooking and life in general.  She greeted this new challenge so well that for a time she taught braille and helped at the light house as a mentor.  With her vision diminishing and the grand kids and daughters up north we both decided after 10 years in Florida to move back "home"!  I quit my job and we sold the house so that we both might be able to lock back into what we had been missing the last 10 years while Renee was still able to see the beautiful faces of our loved ones, while she was able to, up close.  So in 2001 we moved home.  I am employed in maintenance at a private school and decided 6 years ago to work part time so we could spend more time together.


Life has been interesting and rewarding --at times. Owning my own business for 30 something years was a good lesson in the "American Way"! My most valued gem in life has been my wife Renee, for without her-- life would be dull and waking would not have the same meaning. I love building, remodeling, repairing and I have no limit on what I am capable of doing. I am to a fault at times frugal but the rewards are worth it. 


We don't seen to travel much since my wife lost her sight but do travel to Sarasota Florida to visit kin where I lived for 10 years. Our home now, which has always been for my kids, wife and myself is our little town  of Lititz, PA. It is located in the county of Lancaster and we boast the first and only ongoing pretzel factory in the USA. We are also home to the Wilbur Chocolate factory, which wakes us each morning with the aroma of melting chocolate (what suffering!). We have a large population of gentle Amish farms and people and their way of life is refreshing to see.


I have no plans of ever moving from this Eden of my present life. I will greet each day as if it is my last and will keep in touch with those who want to say "HI".