March 17, 2010


So often we forget a name ... but never a face. :)



Joanne Festa


Class of 1960

Wheatley School

Westbury, New York  © ©

Hmmm, let’s see.....


Graduated HS, worked as a Receptionist/Bookkeeper, then married, had three children.

Since then, seven grandchildren came along, one great-grandchild.  Divorced in 1979;

Happily Remarried and built a career(s) I enjoyed and still do.


My Careers were all very interesting: 1968-73 Cosmetic Consultant; 1972-77 Teacher-

Aide/School Nurse Record Keeper; 1978 - 1993 Administrator in the Records/Publications

Dept. for a Global Company called METCO;   1993-Present ~  President/Owner “Business

& Promotional Computerized Service for small businesses.   1999 - Present: Licensed

Realtor in the Nassau/Suffolk areas.  Sales in Florida and New Hampshire as well.


My favorite ‘sport’ is DANCING  ©. I can sing along and carry a tune.  __ __

My hobbies: Taught Aerobic Dancing for 4 years; Walking/Cycling.  Our next vacation

trip will be to Italy.  Been to CA, CO, Bermuda, NM,  PA, Las Vegas NV, Grand Canyon

AZ,  New Orleans LA,  Washington D.C, All the North Eastern States; Quebec, Canada.

My favorite place to live was San Diego.


I am healthy, eat right, and watch the Atlantic Ocean roll in at Robert Mosses year ‘round.

I still love to clown around, enjoy a good joke, family gathers, and

new babies (not mine) ! J


I am very active with the Oakdale Civic Association & Chamber, Belong to the Sons of Italy ~

Sgt John Basilone Lodge #2442.  President of the Commission of Arbitration for the Lodge.

Any one watching The Pacific on HBO?  Sgt John Basilone was a war hero and the 10 week

mini series tells his story during WW II.


Our life is the creation of our mind.