Hi everyone! I want you to know that Charlie Spiro put me up to this, and he is absolutely right. I should have made contact a long time ago. Hope this will make up for it.

I'm doing great. Let's see ... I'm a college grad, (it took awhile: Green Mountain, Hofstra, and Adelphi). Married 21 years for the second time. I have a daughter, Elizabeth, from my first marriage. She's just finishing her PhD dissertation in Educational Methodology.
My favorite career, I think, was the first one. I was an In-Flight Purser for Pan Am, and flew the company routes to Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East. It was a remarkable adventure, plus the kind of educational experience that you just can't buy.

Much later, when Elizabeth went to Kindergarten, Pan Am asked me back. Instead, I returned to college and finished, after three more years, at Adelphi with a degree and a R.N. license. Following a second marriage, I gave up nursing to become a medical writer. That was fascinating, intensely detailed work. I wrote for most of the major pharmaceutical companies. Right now, I'm taking a break. I'm trying to write fiction. It's much more fun.

Joan (Wunneke) Wiegand