Renee Gershen

Hi Everyone,
I am truly excited to see you all this weekend even for a brief time. Obviously, high school was a very important part of all of our lives. We get to relive it even for only a few days!! Lucky us.

Wheatley Years
My memories of Wheatley are silhouetted, as our yearbook suggests. I remember various classes, English with Miss Bodnar, a favorite, geometry with Mr. Porcino and history with Miss Knapp and Mr. Doig, as well as French with Mrs. Feindler. I couldn't have asked for a better faculty.

But, my time was mostly spent on the Aurora, our Wheatley yearbook. As you know, ours was the only GOLD yearbook. My time there gave me confidence and leadership skills that have served me well throughout my life.

I attended Penn State, (as did Miss Bodnar) and then returned to Queens College, get married and earn my master's degree. I married Joel when only a Junior at Queens. Very young by today's standards.

I taught for awhile, stopped to have my family, (three great kids,) then went back to teaching for a few years until we moved to Florida.

In Florida, I joined my husband, my soulmate, in his business and did marketing with him. At the same time, I helped start a synagogue. It was my responsibility to start the religious school, which now enrolls over 800 students, as well as the pre-school, which now has over 400 youngsters. This was an amazing accomplishment for me. I still sit on the Board of this group after serving as President for four years. My leadership skill came in handy.

My life in Florida has been terrific. I play tennis (yes, in spite of my polio leg), bike, aquacise, bridge and take lots of classes. I finally had an ankle fusion about 14 years ago to get rid of the pain AND THE LIMP!! Better tennis!

My husband of 42 years passed away only four years ago. He was only 66. After a year of hell being a caregiver, I bounced back. I met another gentleman, a retired orthopedist (how convenient) and we have been together for three years.

In addition to living in Florida, I own a home on Cape Cod, where we go summers. It is a wonderful break for us. There, I lead book clubs and also play tennis, golf and bridge. I feel that I live a charmed life.

I have two of my three children living right near me in Boca and the third in San Francisco. I have seven grandchildren and am a devoted grandma.