Ronald Pusey


Hello fellow Wheatley 60 classmates

Where did the last fifty years go?

Writing my biography about the last fifty years is a tough assignment. It is difficult for me to make it interesting. The trials, tribulations and experiences of an Electronics Engineer are dull and boring to most people. There are no TV shows and soap operas that have an Engineer as the main character for a good reason. The experiences of Lawyers, Teachers and Doctors are more colorful and much easier to relate to. The Wheatley Alumni Association web site in the Facts and Figures statistical portrait section indicates that only 2% of the Wheatley graduates over the past fifty years chose to become Engineers or Scientists (the same as Nursing).  I feel like I traveled off the beaten path..


I also seem to remember, from the English classes at Wheatley, that the first step in any writing assignment is to compose an outline.

In any case, I have chosen to give you this outline of the mostly positive events that have happened to me and my immediate family in the past fifty years by decade to make it somewhat readable without to much boredom.





  1. Attended RCA Institutes in New York City in T-3 Electronics Technology Program.
  2. Graduated from RCA Institutes July 1963
  3. Enlisted in US Air Force August 1963
  4. Stationed at Glasgow Air Force Base in Montana from April 1964-August 1967 as an F-101 Radar fire control systems technician.
  5. Honorable Discharge from Air Force August 1967
  6. Enrolled at CCNY in Electrical Engineering Degree program under GI bill September 1967
  7. Graduated with BEE degree in January 1970 from CCNY.



  1. Hired at PRD Electronics in Syosset NY as a Test Engineer April 1970.
  2. Married Carol Caveglia of Levittown, NY, November 1974.
  3. Purchased House in Wantagh Long Island 1975
  4. Received MBA from Hofstra University June 1976.
  5. Daughter, Martine, born March 1978.



  1. Second child, son Jeremy, born January 1983
  2. Hired at Sperry Gyroscope, Great Neck NY as an Engineering Section Head April 1984.
  3. Received Master in Computer Science, (MCS)  from Polytechnic Institute of Technology Farmingdale NY June 1985.
  4. Hired at Boeing Helicopters, in Philidelphia PA. as a Test System Design Analyst September 1988.



1.     Hired at Orbital Sciences Corp., Germantown Maryland as Testability Analysis Engineer January 1992.

2.     Carol retires from NYS civil service (Reference Librarian) and family moves to new house in Germantown Maryland 1996.

3.      Martine attends GW University in DC and interns in the White House for President Bill Clinton 1996.



1.      Martine returns to NY, attends Brooklyn Law School and witnesses first hand the 9/11/2001 Twin Towers disaster in downtown Manhattan.

2.     Hired by Systech Corp., St. James NY as a Technical consultant April 2003.

3.     Moved back to Long Island (Rockville Centre) May 2003

4.      Martine marries September 2006.

5.     Retired April 2009

6.     Back to work January 2010 at Parker Hannifin Smithtown with Engineering contract work

7.     Now considered a Lifetime IEEE member.



The next step in the assignment is filling in the details between the lines. I would be glad to expand if you have any further interest. I hope to see you at the 50th reunion, or you can communicate via email: I would also be especially interested in your biographical outlines or stories, preferably before the reunion, so we all have a massive amount of talking points.